Time Temple: Mystery of the Talpiot Tomb Family Symbol (En)


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A rock-cut tomb, known as the Talpiot Tomb, was discovered in 1980 in Jerusalem. At the entrance, we can clearly note an embossed symbol. What does it stand for? Time Temple: Mystery of the Talpiot Tomb Family Symbol by Endel Jogi Rivers offers an explanation, also revealing the intention behind placing this ambiguous symbol atop the family’s tomb – the revelations of which can lead to profound, transformative experiences.

After nearly three decades of study, by combining scientific research with esotericism (or ‘hidden knowledge’) in a study of ancient monuments, such as the Great Pyramid, and symbols, such as the Sun Cross (Europe), Shri Yantra (India), Yin-Yang (China) and Ka Ba Akh (ancient Egypt; better known as Kabbalah), and the Bible, incontrovertible evidence suggests: the access-key to understanding the direct relation between these symbols, the Great Pyramid and the Bible, is encrypted in the Talpiot Tomb family symbol.

What makes this book relevant?
Perhaps most people agree, there has never been so much anxiety and uncertainty about what the future may hold (prior to 2020). The findings presented in Time Temple contain never-before-published information about a “prophecy laid in stone” – the now ‘unlocked’ Great Pyramid – unraveling the secrets of the Book of Revelation (often called the Apocalypse), Kabbalah (the core concept of Jewish mysticism), and the matrix of the Universe itself. Together, we explore what the future may hold.

The content of the three-part book may also be described as follows: if to consider S. Hawking’s bestseller, A Brief History of Time, a ‘red pill’ in terms of physics, Time Temple could be considered as a ‘red pill on steroids’, as it expands beyond physics into the metaphysical structure of space-time – particularly negative mass and time – drawing parallels to better conceptualize the fabric of our Universe.


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December 21, 2020




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